AI Consulting, Strategy, and Implementation

AI - Machine Learning Consultation Services

We at Binary Bird provide AI – Machine Learning Consultation services. Our focus is always to build AI-powered products and develop machine learning algorithms that can be implemented for predictive analysis purposes. This approach can help business owners solve their challenges and increase sales.

Discover AI Use-cases For Your Business Needs

Artificial Intelligence-powered services are going to turn around the fates of many businesses. Visionary businessmen have already realised it and are in a state to integrate this into their business strategies. It is a way to empower businesses with AI consulting. With the implementation of AI-powered services, key functions start improving efficiency through intelligent technologies. The AI is significant as it can automate many processes and simplifies repetitive tasks for rapid growth.

We at Binary Bird  have experienced manpower in the areas of:

AI & Machine Learning Consultation
  • Simulate Intelligence in Solutions to Automate Tasks
  • Machine Learning Consulting and modelling,
  • Natural Language Processing,
  • Predictive Modeling,
  • Image Processing,
  • Data Mining,
  • Data-driven IoT,
  • Cognitive Modeling
AI & Machine Learning Consultation

AI & Machine Learning Implementation


Artificial Intelligence when implemented can accelerate your business processes with improved agility, swift technical services and better machine learning capabilities. We at Binary Bird have offerings for enterprises that are ready to go AI-powered services with intelligent capabilities and learning abilities. 

Our expert team is capable of developing a wide range of services around the AI/ML algorithms that can be catered to business for growth. We can infuse AI/ML abilities to your web and mobile solutions which will make them smart, that is the ability to learn, improve and adapt.

AI and ML integration into your processes helps you process non-utilized data, which identifies trends and this might be helpful for you in decision making to meet specific objectives. The advantage of machine learning is that it holds the possibility of boosting the business to attain new heights.

We build the following Artificial Intelligence Development Services

The development of Artificial Intelligence-powered services requires an end to end analysis process by a dedicated team consisting of experts having multidisciplinary backgrounds. We at Binary Bird can consolidate emerging technologies and develop AI-powered services which will be analysed by the team for its performance. We are always ready to bring out the best possible solutions to each problem that our clients face. Our solutions in AI developments services are heavily using automation, which ensures speedy implementation and accelerated process and quick results.


Customer satisfaction is an integral part of successful business companies. The chatbot apps can perform this job without any bias. Such tools will enable the company to provide better services round the clock. Our company Binary Bird provides a chatbot development service for our clients. We can revolutionize the way your customers interact with you.


Automation has been greatly successful because of the arrival of Artificial Intelligence. To succeed and cope up with the latest developments the enterprises must adopt this new technology. The future belongs to AI-driven technologies. Our vision at Binary Bird is to enable enterprises in adapting to this technology. We provide round a clock consultation service.

AI Machine Learning Consultation


It is established that ANN driven machine learning framework is a groundbreaking tool in the field of artificial intelligence. The IoT linked AI tool is considered to be one of the best tools for live data analysis and computation. At Binary Bird we can help you take the advantage of this to serve your customers. Our experts can develop AI-powered applications as per your business needs.

Why choose us?

We are determined to transform your businesses with our  Next-Gen AI Solutions!

We at Binary Bird take our work very seriously and ensure that the processes are automated and accelerated at the client site so that the best results can be expected. We work using the opt frameworks for developing the right kind of tools for the clients. Our solutions are infused with high-end Artificial Development services which can integrate seamlessly with the client’s business process.  We are an AI-Machines learning consultation service provider that walks an extra mile to serve the clients.

Applied Solutions

With our dedicated data science team, we have become a valuable partner in bringing profound expertise in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. We can help you develop a pragmatic framework to assist the adoption of machine learning and other building blocks of AI.
AI Machine Learning Consultation

Data Engineering

At Binary Bird our team of data engineers are masters in converting data into meaningful information and creating data mining. The approach undertaken by our team includes first identification of necessary data sources, data cleaning, data processing, followed by building the means to measure, analyze, and react all collected data. Finally, the team applies their insight to modify the existing process.

Multiple Platforms

Our experienced team at Binary Bird have delivered AI chatbots in the past. Our team also has successfully provided solutions on predictive analytics in multiple frameworks like Watson, DialogFlow, and Azure. Our clients have found it very useful and have been successful in being better informed and implementing automation in their processes. All this have led to rapid functioning and increased productivity.
AI Machine Learning Consultation

We as an AI – Machine Learning Consultation experts, we provide the opportunity to clients to reshape their entire business processes and integrate innovative AI and ML technologies into them. We at Binary Bird have the mission to help all clients who partner with us and formulate better innovative business strategies for them. We deliver top quality solutions of AI/ML services to boost the productivity of all businesses. Our experts on machine learning and artificial intelligence are very well versed with the latest developments and they can use such technologies to develop simple and user-friendly solutions for complex problems. The result of such activities would be better management and real-time business benefits.

How do we solve your problems?

We at Binary Bird have a team of experts who know various domains. Our AI developers, data scientists, engineers, and analysts take on each challenge and work on it to come up with a solution that produces accurate and feasible business results. We are indulged in carrying out the operations mentioned below.


We always analyse the current capabilities of your business process and then come up with our recommendation regarding the model type, tools, technology and architecture. The overall analysis stage include steps like Information retrieval and Knowledge representation.
AI Machine Learning Consultation


The concept stage involves the work of developing a small scale model and testing it to prove its viability in the machine learning model. It includes steps of Verifying the model and Process and methodology definition


The stage of deployment is about deploying the machine learning system into your existing business model. At this point, the important factor is to keep in mind the cost and implementation process. The phase includes Behavior Modeling

Testing and Refinement

It means to test and after that refine the model to raise the quality of the model and keep up with the evolving business model. The phase includes Performance Analysis

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